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Lawn Mowing 

There's a lot that goes into a good mowing service. For example, many homeowners make the common mistake of cutting their grass too short. Although it might look nice to have a close cut, it hurts your grass if you cut it shorter than four inches. It's also important to keep your blades sharp so that the grass cuts cleanly rather than shredding. Our experienced team will make sure that all of these important details are taken care of. We also make sure to spray grass away from all mulch beds and buildings. 


String Trimming

Running a weed-eater with skill and precision is an art form. There are several different techniques our teams use when string-trimming. We edge sidewalk and driveways at a forty-five degree angle to keep grass from encroaching on them. If you have edged gardens, we run the trimmer at a ninety degree angle to keep the edge fresh and sharp. And of course, we trim around all buildings, trees, and other obstacles at the same height as the mower deck to keep from scorching the grass.



After carefully mowing and trimming the grass, we blow off all clippings from your sidewalks and driveway. We also blow off decks, porches, and patios even if we haven't sprayed any grass on them. Your property will look gorgeous after we pack up and head out!

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