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Lawn Treatments

Is your yard is full of weeds and in need of a complete transformation? Or do you have lush grass that needs to stay that way? We have a year-round lawn-treatments plan to make your lawn the pride of the neighborhood. 

  • Jan/Feb: Soil sample to determine any soil nutrient deficiencies & pH level. Customized lawn treatment plan is based on this report. 

  • March: 1st pre-emergent fertilizer. 

  • April: Herbicide to kill weeds.

  • May: 2nd pre-emergent fertilizer. 

  • June: Earthworks fertilizer & 1st fungicide.

  • July: 2nd fungicide

  • August: 3rd fungicide

  • September: Aeration, seed, lime, & fertilizer.

  • October: Early fall fertilizer.

  • November: Winterizer. 

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